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My first month at Mayalukas – Veronika Punčochářová

Digital Marketing intern, Veronika Punčochářová joined Mayalukas in June and has quickly settled into the team. Here are her thoughts on how the first month has gone. Thanks for all the hard work Verča!

“My first month in Mayalukas went very fast, and I am extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to work in an amazing collective of people when I never have to worry about asking for help. For the whole month of June, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things about online marketing and specifically about PPC. I am also trying to improve my knowledge watching live streams from the Google Partners Online Certification Academy, which helps me a lot. The most important thing I have been learning were the basics of PPC including account management, creation of keywords, ad groups, campaigns, texts, etc. I have also worked for Mayalukas’ client – Prague Raptors Football Club which I have enjoyed very much. Me and Petra Moss have for example organised a photoshoot for approximately 60 players and management. I am extremely glad to have the opportunity to learn from people with so much experience in online marketing like Daz and Petra Moss. Thanks you so much!”

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