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Google Ads Extensions

Would you like to improve your ads performance and increase your click-through rate? That's when Ad Extensions play a key role in responsive search ads. Ad Extensions are a powerful tool enabled to provide more information and details about your business, including links to specific sections of your website, call buttons, location information, and more that is shown to the searcher to increase the likelihood of your ad being chosen by potential customers. Adding more content/information gives your ad greater visibility and prominence on Google’s search results page.

There are several ad extensions available to select and set up in order to improve your ad performance and achieve different goals.

  • Sitelink assets → add additional links to your ads directing potential clients to specific pages on your website. For example, ‘sale’, ‘order now’, ‘menu’

  • Call assets → encourage potential customers to call your business directly from your ads by adding a call button on your ads.

  • Callout Extensions → add additional text to your ad. Highlight specific features, benefits, and unique selling points of your product or service. For example, ‘free delivery’.

  • Structured Snippet Extensions → highlight specific aspects of your product or service. For example, ‘types of services’.

  • Image Extensions → add 1x1 images to your ads to provide a visual representation of your product or service and make your ads as visually appealing as possible.

  • Promotion Extensions → highlight and showcase limited-time discounts or special offers in your ad.

  • Location Extensions → show your business address, phone number and map in your ad to increase foot traffic to your store.

  • Price Extensions → show your product or service prices directly in your ad.

Ad Extensions are used to enhance your ad performance and visibility, therefore you should constantly review and update to keep them relevant. Choosing an ad extension should be tied to your business objectives in order to provide additional valuable information to potential customers. In conclusion, Ad Extensions are a powerful tool to improve your ad performance and click-through rate by providing more information about your business to potential customers and gaining visibility in search results pages.


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