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iOS 14 Updated Privacy Policy

As many of you may know, Apple has released a new iOS, iOS 14. Along with its array of physical design features, such as customizable app skins and widgets, it also houses a problematic attribute for ad tracking protection. Simply put, apps must submit information about how their data is collected. Although this is a huge security win for Apple users, it will have unmatched problems for those working within digital marketing.

Essentially Apple requires developers to ask users’ permission to track their movements through 3rd party locations, which logically users will potentially opt-out of. These changes will impact targeting, optimisation, campaigns, business tools, and event set-up, and general measurement within future marketing feats.

Perhaps the worst part of all is that Apple did not notify or consult with any major actors in the industry to consider the effect to which this will impact businesses. Facebook and Instagram both host a variety of businesses, big and small, that rely on customizable audiences and ad tracking to maximise their potential.

Consequently Spotify, Uber, Facebook, and Instagram all need to make marketing changes in order to maintain functionality.

We are curious to see where this industrial paradigm shift will lead us, however, disappointed with the way which it was handled by Apple. Find more information on how iOS 14 will affect your ad tracking here.


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