VOGUE CS Launches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

VOGUE CS Launches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Mayalukas team is thrilled and proud to be part of the launch of the most iconic fashion magazine in the world, as VOGUE is launching its Czechoslovak version VOGUE CS, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Mayalukas is cooperating with a team of incredibly talented professionals to manage the paid search and display strategy of the launch.

Daz Moss, CEO of Mayalukas said “We are of course very happy to be working with a global brand such as VOGUE. We have already spent time with the team, who are extremely passionate, creative and top on their fields, so we are very much looking forward to continue working with them throughout the project. We are working closely with the VOGUE CS team and local partners (Google & Seznam) to get the best possible start and help increase the awareness of the launch around Czech Republic and Slovakia”.

VOGUE CS is officially launching on August 17th.

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